Broken Sentences

Broken Sentences is a single page javascript application for literacy practice, here rearranging words into a given sentence.

Because touch events are used and I've specified some dimensions, the app is limited to iPad. This may get fixed one day.

The page is trying to use cache/manifest, so should work offline-- but I don't remember if this works.

Go to the url Broken Sentences on the iPad. Save it to your home screen.

There's a basic sentence in the input box at the top of the screen. Enter the sentence and tap "Use"; the words in the sentence will be turned into tiles in the bottom pane in random order. The sentence will be saved into the history.

Drag the tiles back into their proper order. The app is smart enough that multiple instances of the same word don't matter, but it's stupid about punctuation.

When the words are in the right order, the app says "Good Job!".

Words can be dragged about and rearranged. One easy way to move the words is to just drop them in the right order into the top pane-- they'll find their way to the end of the sentence.

The <-- button cycles among sentences which have already been used in the current session, so you don't have to type them all again. The app doesn't remember anything between sessions though.

The clear button just blanks out what's in the text box. Use <-- to get it back if the sentence has been used, or just use the button to blank out what's been typed if you've changed your mind.

The app can also be used for math facts like 1+2=3. Spaces will be inserted to separate the terms for +-/*()=. It will only consider what's been entered as correct though, so if you enter 1+4=5, 4+1=5 although true, won't be rewarded. This may get fixed in a future update.

Simple customisation would be to edit the html file to change the starting text, and to change the name of the "Good Job!" sound file. Host the page yourself. If you don't have a web host, use your public Dropbox folder. (Don't have Dropbox? Why not? Here's a Dropbox referral link -- using it will get us both a little more space.)

Github repository