Insert standard smugly self-deprecating ironical statement about why I thought I needed a place to publish occasional rants and ramblings.

It's also a place to publish occasional experiments in computing that may be of interest or use to a wider audience.

Everything I post here falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Feel free to reuse anything, but include a link back to the page you got it from so that other people can find it too.


Ellie's old page still exists; but it's just for the old movies, which will get put onto flickr at some point.

When ellie was 1, I was her primary caretaker for a year. I did a Daddy blog about the experience.


Five minutes after I heard delicious was going away, I was on pinboard. It's a good example of how quickly news travels on the internet.

My top tags are a good outline of my interests.


Family photos


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There's also some [favourite photos](/pages/photos) ### boardgames


The site is using node.js, and Dropbox (referral link) Content is in markdown in private folders in Dropbox, which node reads and turns into templated html. So I can easily post and edit blog articles from my phone. Pointlessly cool. I prefer simple tools.

xkcd xkcd: I'm an Idiot used with permission