I'm getting around to getting my blogging system working. It's only taken a few hours work and I can show basic posts, and tags. I've been "getting around to it" for years, though it wasn't really causing me enough anxiety to be called procrastination.

I have been wanting a place to post things; results of technical experiments, rants when "someone is wrong on the internet", musings, whatever. I think I'm a bit old-fashioned; my main place for writing is in my daybook, which no-one ever sees but me. If anything I can write might help someone else, then so much the better.


The site is running node.js, so the blog is just an extension to the node server, which loads some markdown files representing the posts into memory, and runs them through a markdown processor for display. The posts can be created in my usual text file daybook, tagged "blog" then I can call a function to turn that into a file. Tags can be put anywhere in the post, but will probably go at the bottom.

Next up will be to get chronological navigation working, and get the posts returned 5 or so at a time, rather than singly. And rss.

The tags are on a line above this one. There can even be multiple tag lines in a document. Not sure why that would be useful.